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Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast. This week on CCOPodcast, the boys take a look at a very special deck. You […]. January 24, by Bernardo Melibeu. December 26, by Scot Sutton. Welcome back to The Knowledge Pool! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Jhoira is my favorite new commander ofmaking […]. November 6, by Community Spotlight. Follow me on Twitter NickyBolas and be sure to stay tuned for more streams, deck techs, and epic battles!

September 12, by Scot Sutton. Seeing Double Hi everyone! I feel like every week I proclaim my devotion to Temur in some form, and this week will be no different. One of my favorite aspects of the […]. August 17, by DM Cross. Silver Spellslinging Hello again, all you lovely cardboard-slinging wizards and warriors! The idea […]. Toggle navigation. Illuna polymorphs a raindrop into a Storm deck! Dralnu has a severe downside… but can it be turned against our opponents? Both love to make flying tokens… but how do they differ?

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No posts solely for rules questions, please use the Magic Judges chat to ask about rules and card interactions. Playing Commander to Win - a Primer. Brewsday Archive. Ban List - Multiplayer. Meetup Superthread. Commanders - by color. Optimization Kykar Infinite Combos self. Hey cEDH! This is my first attempt at something on the competitive side of the house and I was hoping for the community's thoughts. Should I focus on one combo or do decks usually handle two or more pretty well without losing consistency?

Beyond that, any suggestions? Maybe in the future I'll upgrade it, but I'm just trying to get my feet wet for now!Bijgewerkt door Magicalforest 7 maanden geleden. Navigation Community. Inloggen Registeren. Inloggen 0 0. Decks Magic forum Verkoop je kaarten. Uitgebreid zoeken Kaartlijst zoeken. Inloggen Registeren 0 0. Premium Deck Series Overige Decks. Kaartspellen KeyForge.


Cadeaukaarten Cadeaukaarten. Decks Kykar storm - Magicalforest. Kykar storm Bijgewerkt door Magicalforest 7 maanden geleden.

Commmand Zone 1 1x Kykar, Wind's Fury. Mana curve. Kaarttype verdeling. Mana symbolen. Start hand. Plains 1. Island 1. Dovin's Veto.

cedh kykar storm

Impact Tremors. Rapid Hybridization. Crimson Wisps. Trophy Mage. Steam Vents. Phyrexian Altar. Path to Exile. Lightning Greaves. Defiant Strike. Rhystic Study. Mountain 1.

cedh kykar storm

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cedh kykar storm

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Tasigur is an important asset to the deck that can greatly help us in the late game by acting either as a political resource to recur disruption or as a source of card advantage. A non-linear combo deck with a few stax tools. With a large variety of options and a high learning curve, this deck might test your puzzle solving skills. One of the main lines of the deck is to achieve infinite mana using Emry's versatile utility kit and shoot the table with Walking Ballista.

Thrasios Incorporated BluePod Bluepod. BluePod is a young variant of the ever known Blood Pod deck. BluePod is a tempo deck at instant speed holding counters and Thrasios activations. Soft lock stax pieces bring the game to a slower pace where multiple counters can be held up. BluePod has more redundancy in both the Kiki-Jiki and Pod lines and has a resilient plan along with the backing of infinite mana into a Thrasios win. Nethroi Discord Protean Cat.

cedh kykar storm

To cheat out cards like Protean Hulk and Razaketh, the Foulblooded many reanimation spells are played. Nethroi's ability is used - if the first attempts to combo off have failed - to reanimate the relevant pieces.

Cedh kykar storm

This makes the deck less fragile and not too dependent on the early-game. Generate infinite mana with Dramatic Scepter or Grim Power. Kenrith Midrange is an adaptive deck that really wants to out value other decks through multiple lines that generate card value.

A reanimator deck featuring Razaketh, which allows for fast wins with few dead cards. This is a slower storm deck that seeks to quickly land Toothy and use cantrips, wheels, and draw engines to put counters on him. From there, the goal is to resolve flicker effects on Toothy.

The flickers this deck uses bring Toothy back to the battlefield immediately meaning he will see all the cards you draw from him leaving the battlefield netting you huge amounts of cards at little cost.November 13, by Nate Burgess.

Greetings, dear reader. Peachy keen. Not terrible stats for a casting cost of 1URW.

Kykar storm

This deck should not have many creatures in it, if any. Go deep. Bird or Wizard or Spirit tribal using non-token creature cards might be entertaining, but these are not the optimal paths. Free creature tokens for doing what we were already doing is highly convenient, and there are many ways to take advantage of a flying army. The token creatures or nontoken Spirits if we add any can become red mana whenever Kykar wants. A possible win condition for Kykar is a Storm build where we cast lots of spells in a single turn, using the Spirit tokens Kykar creates to fuel his next spell, then winning with a payoff card such as an Aetherflux Reservoir or, in infinite loop situations, a Grapeshot or Brain Freeze.

One method of creating a Storm engine is to use artifacts with a converted mana cost of zero. Many of these generate mana or draw a card, are more financially expensive than most cards, and tend to be popular at tables that tend to be more competitive.

Mana-making artifacts are still useful to Kykar in the late game since each one makes another flying body. Signets, Talismans Talismen? One way to add creatures to a deck that wants noncreature spells is to add Vehicles. If you really want to play Mizzium Tank in Commander, this is probably the deck to do it. Speaking of adding blue to a Boros legend, Akiri, Line-Slinger might deserve another look in the context of Equipment shenanigans. It has been a while. In addition to the standard selection of swords and such, Kykar can look for Equipment that cares about the number of creatures you have.

Remember that your Spirits can become red mana when needed. An attack with three Spirits and Kykar could suddenly turn into an attack with one Spirit and Kykar wielding an Embercleave. Of course, no article on a token-making general would be complete without mentioning Skullclamp. We still have lots of other noncreature types to cover.I wanted to make OG thousand year storm and big X spells but Im still on the fence. Today our discussion will be on a newcomer to cEDH which has now allowed the decks to maximize their best magic today is the day to talk about Underworld Breach.

You can use your army to beat down with a Jeskai Ascendancy style strategy or sacrifice them for a big X spell like Rolling Thunder. A lot of the cards mix with each other which means there are only few cards devoted to a single combo and aren 39 t generally useful elsewhere. Titulo Descripci n contiene. Jun 21 There 39 s lots of decklists for Magic flying around and we 39 re offering something a little off the Nitpicking Nerds 39 beaten path a super fast storm combo deck That 39 s right we 39 re doing Kykar makes your opponents die kar.

It will be released on September 25 This website is not produced endorsed supported or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

For Kykar we go through an initial direction and potential cards to include Kykar WoT is just a bananas positive feedback loop of mana and card draw. Storm needs to be practised. From combo oriented Storm builds to Jeskai flyers lists there are many ways to build around Kykar. Sacrifice Lotus Petal for mana. I actually think Kaykar winds fury will assemble a decent storm deck. If you enjoy the content and want to show your support subscribing Jun 18 Command your budget Here at The Commander 39 s Quarters we brew fun and focused 25 EDH decks.

Browse through cards from Magic 39 s entire history. Kykar Wind Cast instants to turn tide of any battle and summon creatures right at home in the middle of a magical storm. You can get a pretty sizable storm count early with this thing and it feeds itself. According to Mark Rosewater quot we return to a Zendikar without Eldrazi and revisit the adventure world players fell in love with.

Combos The deck runs a few combos that gives it multiple options for finding the win. I am really just spitballing here though good luck and always have fun.This article belongs to the series The most popular archetypes of the cEDH :. What now? Hello my friends! How are you? Last week, our series covered how a compact and high-value parts combo can affect the metagame, just as it would be almost a mistake to not use it on the strongest decks.

Today, our discussion will be on a newcomer to cEDH, which has now allowed the decks to maximize their best magic: today is the day to talk about [[Underworld Breach]]. Since our two-mana enchantment allows us to reuse our graveyard in a way that corrects the main problem of [[Yawgmoth's Will]] and [[Past in Flames]] the fact that we exile spells after resolvingwe open a new space for lists where consistency becomes cyclical, in a way where there is no downside for obtaining resources, in addition to taking advantage of traditional options from the format such as the usage of fetchlands as a fuel for our plans.

Explaining in a practical way: we can mill and discard without mercy, in addition to having the option to reuse the same effect over and over again, reaching the full potential of a card after all, who wouldn't want to use a [[Demonic Tutor]] over and over againfor example. Beyong the deck recycling and retrofitting aspect of a card with so little drawback and so low mana cost, we still have the upgrade of some loops based on it, which as in the previous article use cards of great individual valuein order to add another option for players and feeding the escape mechanics during the game.

The Breach lines with [[Wheel of Fortune]] and [[Lion's Eye Diamond]], for example, puts together an excellent mana stone and a very efficient draw spell in a combo that, incidentally, ends up happening the same goes for interactions with rituals and tutors.

Imagine a deck where we play a ton of cards for the graveyard, having few cards of real individual value, with a build designed to dig them out as quickly as possible. It is simple to think that the generation of mana promoted by the commander causes us to ignore the explosive restrictions that other generals would provide us, in addition to allowing the same card to be recycled more and more times. For sure! The idea is to use a control shell, like the one we already know, but this time adding one more option to increase the deck's linearity and give redundancy to our commander's ability.

Can you see the potential of this? From a single card we went for an easy and consistent victory, even if at considerable mana cost. Anyway, the point is that we have the potential to search for anything as many times as necessary. At this point, we should also consider [[Gamble]], as it does not matter to us whether the card that will end the game is played from our hand or from the graveyard.

So here it is: a card with a combo potential and such a high value cannot be left out of a deck that can have it, and that fact can make [[Underworld Breach]] overcome [[Demonic Consultation]] and [[Tainted Pact]] in usability. However, this is only possible if each move is well played and the other 99 cards in the deck are optimized in the direction for doing so. That's it for today. I ask you to leave your feedback so that we can always improve. Until next time, my friends!

The companions are already considered too powerful mainly in the eternal formats, the most notable of these, for sure is [[Lurrus of the Dream Den]], whose restriction is "not having permanents above 2 in the converted mana cost".

For most Modern, Legacy and Vintage decks, this is not a restriction, as the three mana permanents are already considered too expensive the for format, and it took less than two weeks for the Eternal formats metagame to be dominated by Lurrus' decks. Even at Magic Arena the games have been repetitive, especially against Yorion Lukka.

It seems that on Arena playing with 80 cards is not something that affects you so much. Deck construction restrictions are considered a minor consequence for various formats, the case of Lutri for example, being inconsequential for Commander his restriction is to have a deck with a copy of each card, which Commander has by definition and therefore, it was banned on the day it was announced.

Anyway, like it or not, the Companions are part of Ikoria's lore and in this article, I will tell you the story of each one of them. This nightmare cat hides in the lowlands of Indatha.

Planeswalker Vivien Reid entered its den while exploring the world of Ikoria and inside she found a litter of adorable nightmare kittens.

Apparently, Lurrus has the ability to appear and disappear at will, because when Vivien tried to get closer to the kittens, Lurrus appeared from a cloud of smoke. Vivien, respecting that mother's roar, ran away without looking back.

If there is something that could knock down all the balloons that hold Skysail in the air, it is certainly the golden horns of this creature. The people of ikoria often say that the sun resides in Raugrin's Triome, so Vivien hoped to find a gigantic monster emanating intense heat.

Instead, she found Zirda, a creature of incomparable beauty.

Chulane vs Kykar vs Yuriko Turns vs Scion of the Ur-Dragon - cEDH Gameplay - Casually Competitive

The planeswalker approached the fox and Zirda allowed her to briefly stroke its fur, which seemed to emanate the heat of a ray of sunlight. It is said that when a human hunter kills a monster, it usually leaves its offspring abandoned at its own luck. Kaheera seems to be driven by its mother's instinct and wants to protect all the little ones its encounters, and this creates a diverse litter, formed by monsters from all the dominant clades of Ikoria.