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The Happy Plumber Ch. Freaks of Nature Ch. Plumber Calls A plumber calls to a woman and ends up seeing all. It Wasn't Just Him. This is the version 1 of the part 3 of my series. Paying the Plumber Man to Man. The Shower She required some urgent plumbing work. Emergency Plumber A broken tap requires a quick fix.Our dishwasher and garbage disposal had been acting up for months and it was not until we got up one morning with the kitchen floor flooded that my mother decided to call a plumber.

I was eating a breakfast sandwich in the living room, trying to keep my shoes dry, when I heard her voice getting higher and knew it was not working out like she wanted. After a few minutes I heard her slam the phone down and let out a cuss word that I was not suppose to hear.

Yelling out my name she stepped into the living room and looked shocked when she saw me standing there. She started telling me about some project she had been working on at work and just could not miss the presentation. I just stood there trying to figure out why she was tellin me.

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Taking a big breath she told me that the plumber could not make it until sometime between nine and three. Taking her checkbook out of her purse, she dug until she came out with a pen and told me I would have to miss school and stay home so someone would be there when the plumber showed up.

I acted as if I did not want to miss school but she saw right through it.

sexy stories plumber

She had me go change out of my school clothes and get the mop and bucket to get up as much of the water that I could before the plumber showed up. Handing me a check and telling me to make sure I wrote down the amount when the plumber filled in the amount and be sure and get a receipt.

As she walked out the door she told me to be sure and stay in the house so I would not miss the plumber. Taking a few more swipes at the wet floor, I put the mop in the bucket and went to my computer.

sexy stories plumber

I was sitting there looking at sites that my mother thought she had blocked, and if she checked they would appear blocked, when the doorbell scared me. Quickly I clicked the screen off, making sure I slipped the piece of paper my best friend had written the code on that allowed me to get past the parental controls. Though the plumber had no way of knowing what I had been doing, I opened the door and could feel the heat coming off of my embarrassed face. He asked if he had the right address and I opened the door for him to come on in.

I showed him to the kitchen and got some old towels we kept in the hallway. He opened the doors beneath the sink and took a flashlight out to survey beneath the sink. I heard him mumbling to himself as I pulled up a chair where I could watch him. Not that I was really interested in plumbing but living with only my mother I had started looking at men more and more.

He was the typical plumber type, overweight with sagging pants.

sexy stories plumber

One would think since they did wear a uniform that the company would make sure they fit. The man looked back at me and said he could see the problem and it would take about an hour but was not a major problem like his boss had told my mother. He went back to his truck and brought in a little cart that had a small torch, some pieces of pipe and little cans of different glues and such. He pulled out several wrenches and got down on his knees. Several times he knocked his flashlight over and let out a few cuss words.

Though I could not see what he was doing to the pipes and such I set there watching as the crack of his ass became more and more exposed to me. The more he wiggled around beneath the sink the lower his sagging pants slipped down his fat ass cheeks.

The shirt tail had pulled out of his pants hanging down in front of his big beer belly, or at least that was what I assumed had caused it to be so big. He sat back up on his legs and came out with several pieces of pipe that were joined together.

Pointing to the joint he showed me a little crack and said it was what caused all the water to flow onto the floor. He must have thought I was listening to him but actually when he sat up it tightened his pants across his ass and opened up a large hole that displayed the hair that ran down the crack of his ass.

Dropping to one knee he pushed his weight on the opposite leg to upright himself. Bending over he managed to stand up but not before I got another look at his hairy crack. I felt my cock stir and quickly rubbed it, trying to keep it from showing just incase he looked my way.Monday, December 5, Belinda. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits.

She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening. This was easy for her friends, but Belinda knew she had to be answerable to her own sexual needs, she wanted to have it when she herself had the demand, her needs were as that of her friends. Sitting in her office one day she pondered over her eleven male patients, the youngest being 72 with old Bert the oldest at 94, they were all a good crowd, in all there were 34 patients at the home.

Belinda was going through the staff rota, noting that no one had been allocated for the bathing of patients for that night or the following week, Mary would be away on her annual holiday, it looked as if she herself would have to stand in on administering the chore.

What does she do for you then? She watched inattentively as they moved from his private parts, amazed as to the sight before her. Mary has made me cum a few times, as far as the real thing is concerned it be years! Abruptly she released her hold, rolling Bert onto his side and started to bathe him in soothing activity, his arms his body and his legs, then turning over once more doing the same to the other side. His cock was still in a solid state, rubbing her hands on the soap she reached across taking his cock into both hands manipulating the large organ between them, then rubbing them up and down on the shaft.

Bert lie back onto his pillows. Belinda never replied, and by no means altering her pace, she sensed the erection becoming firmer by the minute. Belinda reached across once more rinsing the soap with a soft sponge; Bert could only but gasp as the outer sensations of the rough sponge was dragged along the sides his shaft. The crown was bulbous, with the hefty proportioned helmet scoping down at the back, the flange extended outward around its circumference, in Belinda mind it was gigantic, as she dabbed it dry, her fingers could but reach around it completely.

If Mary had given him a blowjob, there was no real stain on him from that action, but the real thing was the old fella up to it?

Belinda thought. Her mind went back to the occasion, the guy in question was flitting from one girl to the next, fucking them as though the world was coming to an end; he was pissed out of his mind at the time anyway, so the blame could not be put on him. Belinda put her hand up under her skirt, she was sopping wet at this stage, and only viewing his magnificence had caused this, she wondered if it would hurt like her first had.

Plumper & BBW Stories

Bert brought her back to her senses with a loud groan, she never realised the sensations she was administering on him with her stroking hand and manipulating fingers.Jake and Cindy Harrison had awoken feeling sexy.

For Cindy, this was not an unusually occurrence. At twenty-eight years old she felt at the peak of her sexuality and was most certainly not going to waste the opportunity of her older husband feeling the same way. During the night the t-shirt that she habitually wore to bed had ridden up. She also wore an old pair of black panties and she could already feel a significant damp patch forming at the crotch. Brushing her long blonde hair back from her pretty face she pulled the bedcovers back, her fingers quickly fumbling at her husband's groin.

She sighed as she freed his hard but modestly sized penis. Really she wanted more but she was feeling far too horny to mind that now. Opening her mouth she lowered her head and took him between her lips. Jake Harrison sighed deeply as his wife fellated him. Not normally an extremely sexual person, he had been a little surprised at his own ardour that morning.

But Cindy gave a great blowjob — that could not be denied — and as her head bobbed delightfully up and down on his cock he could feel the pressure already beginning to rise in his balls. It had only been a few minutes but it had been worth it and, with a groan of sexual gratification, Jake raised his hips and ejaculated into his wife's mouth.

Oh, that's okay. But his moment had passed. He knew that there was no way he would be able to do anything now for Cindy. For a moment, Cindy was silent, gazing absently out of the window as the morning sun filled the room. He's sitting on the wall smoking a cigarette. A sudden wicked thought had just crossed her mind.

She pulled back from the window sharply and turned to face her husband. The confusion on his face was clear. Flash my tits at him! He's not seen me yet, I could pretend that I didn't know he was there! She was still quite obviously in a state of great excitement — his fault, he knew — would it really do any harm to let her flash her tits at another man?

He felt it was the least he owed her. Dale West sat with his back to his van and drew the smoke from his Marlboro deep into his lungs.My name is Shela.

Horny Housewife Seduced Young Plumber

I'm married to a very successful business man named Jerry, that travels a lot. Nearly everything about my body is very small except my boobs. I'm a generous D cup, my boobs look very large on my otherwise small body. Before he could answer his cell phone started to ring. Dam, I wanter him for myself! I could faintly hear the voice at the other end say, this is Sally, I have an emergency, can you come over. He did not realize that I overheard, and said I have an emergency and must go. He did not bother to dry off, instead he just stuffed his still half hard cock into his jeans.

See you next week he said as he walked out. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Stories Members Authors.

sexy stories plumber

Log In Sign Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Submit Story Random Story Categories. Hide Ad. Tags: georgeous cockcumdrenched pussy. My sexual appetite is best described as voracious!I had this job of replacing old galvanised pipes at an old property. The pipes had been slowly corroding and blocking for years and the owner was finally tired of the trickle of water he got.

He wanted copper pipes throughout.

Waiting On The Plumber

Replacing old pipes with copper is a relatively easy job. The only labour intensive bit is digging the trench from the initial stopcock to the house and a practiced plumber could do that without even raising a sweat. After that it was a case of crawling under the house and poking about inside the walls to replace all the internal pipes. Simple enough but it could be time consuming. I'd fronted up nice and early, warned the owner he'd be without water for half the day, and got to work.

Now the owner had assured me that the lack of water would not be a problem, mainly because he and his wife were going to work.

It turns out he forgot to tell his daughter, Sally. She knew I was there. No problems in that area. She just hadn't realised that there would be no water. With no school or work for that day she'd slept in and when she got up she wanted a shower. No water. She wasn't dumb. She put 'no water' together with 'plumber' and knew I was to blame and came whining to me about needing water for a shower. I looked at her, sniffed rather obviously, and agreed that she needed a shower but the water had to stay off.

She gave me a furious look and stormed off. Ten minutes later she was back, whining that there was no water for coffee. She needed her coffee.

I gave her directions to the nearest Starbucks and went on with my work. She was back with another whining complaint a few minutes later. Why couldn't I just turn on the water for a few minutes. Ah, because it would come spurting out of this pipe I'm holding in my hand, making it hard for me to connect it.

Even though it was a warmish day she was wearing a sloppy tracksuit. She could have been Sally Slender or Sally Stout but the tracksuit effectively hid her from prying eyes. I still need some water. Now run along and don't ask about the water again. It will be ready when it's ready.

Stopping to talk to you is not getting the job done. I'll tell you what. Annoy me again and I'll apply a little penalty to discourage you and give me some peace. Sally was back just ten minutes later, harping on about how time was passing and I hadn't finished.I knew I was screwed when the toilet overflow the third time that night. I had to call a plumber. I hated to do it since I was in between jobs but I had to have functioning toilets. After searching the phone books I called a local guy to fix my problem.

At that moment I envisioned my money going the way my life was, down the toilet. Until recently, I had always considered myself lucky. Having only average looks, standing 5'11 and a 6" cock I had somehow landed quit a beautiful wife. But when you think you're lucky sometimes you push your luck.

I know I did. I kept having fantasies about men and their cocks. I had never had any gay experiences. My wife caught me with gay pictures on our home computer. She was just couldn't accept my explanation and she left me. I gave her almost everything and if our house hadn't been such a dump she would have taken that too. When she left me I did a lot of soul searching and finally arrived at the conclusion that I was at the minimum bisexual. Alone, I was free to explore my fantasies.

I found the rugged macho type exciting. Being shy and unsure, I instinctively knew that I would be submissive. I bought gay videos and magazines. I even tried to fuck myself with a 7" dildo that I purchased. My wife had destroyed my confidence. But I slowly worked up the nerve to experiment with another guy. I was almost ready to try sucking cock when the economy went in the tank and my company laid me off. Then there's my latest bit of bad luck the plumbing.

I almost broke down while plunging my overflowing toilet. I call the plumber. Bill a year-old plumber showed up at my door with his young year-old helper John. They were both big guys.